Writer's Note/Disclaimer: I suppose before I actually start getting into this, I should clarify that the "all of us" in the headline isn't necessarily every single person who has gone to elementary school reading this. But that said, not all of us had the skills to scale poles in gym class.

Whether this still happens currently in elementary school gym classes not just in New Hampshire or Maine, but around the country, isn't exactly known off the top of this author's head, but instead, it's ingrained in the brain from childhood.

However, back in the day, whether part of a physical fitness test in elementary school gym class or just for fun on the playground during recess, the challenge of climbing a pole to ring a bell at the top was always present.

For some, they scaled the pole with ease without breaking a sweat. For others, reaching the top and ringing the bell forever remained a distant, out-of-reach, not even close to accomplishing challenge.)

Another Writer's Note: You can guess which of the two I was.

Simon Hurry / wmur9 via Instagram
Simon Hurry / wmur9 via Instagram

Bear Struggles to Climb Pole in Barrington, NH

According to Audobon Vermont, if you currently have a bird feeder out in your yard, you may way to rethink your strategy. In fact, they go as far as saying you shouldn't have a bird feeder out at all between the months of March and December, as birds don't really need the help feeding during that time and you run the risk of unwanted visitors.

In case you need clarification, they mean bears.

And if you need proof, look no further than the below video taken by Alexis Call and shared with WMUR Channel 9 on their uLocal page, which shows a bear attempting to grab a snack from Alexis' bird feeder.

And that's where the childhood memories are triggered because if you struggled to get up that pole in gym class, you'll be brought right back to those memories watching this bear on the same exact struggle bus (albeit with help from Alexis being smart enough to grease the pole below the feeder.)

Poor fella looks confused and defeated.

Final Writer's Note: And now I know information I could've gone my entire life without knowing -- exactly what I used to look like during gym class. Excuse me while I go do the grown adult version of this struggle now -- trying to open a bottle of wine.

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