Beard ornaments are the new fashion trend for guys this Christmas. Yes, it's exactly what it sounds like. Christmas ornaments for guys to hang from their beards. Who comes up with this stuff?!? The trend is actually catching on (pun intended).

Beard Ornaments/Photo Cred:
Beard Ornaments/Photo Cred:

Caught this story on Buzzfeed,and after wiping the tears away from laughing so hard I thought, hey this is not such a bad idea! We decorate just about everything else, why not our faces.I can see something like this actually working in Portland, Maine.

"Beard Baubles are plastic ornaments that attach to guy's chins with bobby pins. This idea is the brain-child Mike Kennedy and Pauline Ashford who were tasked with making a Christmas card for their company and were looking for a fun, creative twist.

Read the story here and for more about Beard Baubles, click here. 

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