In 2021, Beech Ridge Motor Speedway closed after 72 years of short-track racing in Scarborough, Maine. The land was sold to developers, and now, they are getting ready to start tearing down the speedway for something new to take its place.

Beech Ridge's track was 1/3 of a mile and a NASCAR-sanctioned asphalt, oval auto racing track. It's no New Hampshire Motor Speedway, but that was its charm.

Much like other small tracks in New England (like Oxford Plains Speedway, Wiscasset Speedway, and Lee Speedway in New Hampshire), they have that local, hometown feel to them. Most drivers are from New England, except for big events like the Oxford 250.

Something about that small oval puts you right in the action, and Beech Ridge had that, until they were sold to a land developer on September 11, 2021. That deal fell through, and now, a new developer is going through with their plans to build a FedEx warehouse and distribution center.

According to WMTW 8, about 54 employees will be hired to work at the FedEx facility, which is good news for jobs, but disappointing for race fans who had hoped that someone would buy the track and continue to operate it.

It's a shame that Beech Ridge Motor Speedway is gone. It's likely that the grandstand will be torn down and the track ripped up to make way for the new FedEx facility. That will be a tough moment for all the fans of Beech Ridge, but Mainers will always have great memories of 72 years of racing.

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