Have you ever seen something so ridiculous that milk came out of your nose? Had I been drinking milk that's exactly what would have happened to me when this photo from Belfast Maine Police Department came through my Facebook News Feed.

The caption simply states, "Here at Belfast Police Department we have some crafty ways of hiding from the Police. This unfortunately is not one of them"

It appears someone opted to "hide" by draping a white sheet over themselves with what appears to be a bag right next to them. Outside of what appears to be Admiral's Ocean Inn, although this is unconfirmed by police.

Google Maps
Google Maps

No details have been released about the ghostly criminal. Did they think he was John Cena and that people couldn't see them? Were they trying to channel Drax from Guardians of the Galaxy being so still they thought no one could see them? Perhaps they're more into Jurassic Park and thought Belfast Police were like a tyrannosaurus rex.

Whatever their thought process, it certainly wasn't well thought out. Needless to say, their disguise didn't work and they were ultimately caught by the police.

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