Nothing beats getting your boss with the best prank ever and getting it all on camera! Put this in the chamber for next year...

So our boss AJ is also part of the morning show on 94.9 WHOM. He works with Nikki (they try, not as good) and AJ HATES mayonnaise.

I mean, he sort of has some freakish weird fear of it. Has NEVER had a lobster roll...won't eat egg salad - all because of the evil mayonnaise.

I had a tiny bottle of the stuff. I opened it (all while keeping the plastic seal in place) and replaced the mayo with vanilla pudding. Snack Pack to be exact.

You'd be amazed how much Snack Pack vanilla pudding looks exactly like Hellman's mayo!

Nikki tricked him into doing a Facebook live video - and our very own Kylie caught it all....

I have new found respect for my boss. He is either a complete and totally dedicated human to his craft and willing to try a spoonful of mayo - or he is completely whipped and afraid of Nikki. Either way, he's the man!