The best home improvement hack under 10 bucks is a ticket to the 29th the Maine Home and Remodeling Show this weekend.


It's true. Where else are you going to find every thing you could think of under one roof for only 8 bucks (6 if you use the coupon at the end of this article)?

I know that if I look around my house, there are easily a dozen things that need improving. Some big (oh my bathroom!) and some small, (oh the paint color in the living room!)

Every vendor under the sun will be there, over 180 of them! My favorite is the Meet the Chef demonstrations. You get to watch them cook a signature dish, then try it! Fooooood!

Every time I go, I buy something that makes my life better. Whether it's a broom for the outside, or hooks for the garage...I always seem to need whatever they have!

You probably do too. Take some time this weekend, either Saturday or Sunday (good news - no storms!) and stop on by the Cross Insurance Arena!



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