Yesterday, whether it was his first time in Portland or not, I took my college roommate around Monument Square. We were headed to a show at the Cross Insurance Arena, so while we walked to pre-game at Arcadia, I pointed out some spots with good drinks and good eats.

And based on everything I told him on a short walk, plus experiencing a killer buffalo chicken pizza at Arcadia -- seriously, their pizzas are way better than you'd ever think -- he said he wanted to come back since there are so many different types of delicious food within steps of each other.

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Endless Maine Restaurants

There's a laundry list of things that make Maine great -- the people. The wildlife. The nature. The coastal views. The lighthouses. The almost infinite amount of craft breweries. Moxie. Needhams. Whoopie Pies. And, of course, the cornucopia of delicious food created at various restaurants throughout the state.

Regularly in the Everything Maine group on Facebook, Mainers suggest the best places in Vacationland to head to for whatever someone from away (or another Mainer) is looking for -- the best lobster roll, the best fried clams, the best sandwich, the best place to eat while you work -- you name it, the question has been asked and answered.

In fact, one time, the Admin of the group just decided to have Mainers put it all out there and list their all-time favorite restaurant in Maine. So, whether you're a local that is on the lookout to branch out from your go-to spot and try someplace new, or a tourist looking for some of the best places to snag some local eats, these are the can't-miss spots for you!

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