There are two things you can say about Mainers without even batting an eyelash or thinking twice -- we're insanely hard workers and we know damn good food.

And if you work in a place like Monument Square or another part of the Old Port in Portland, Maine, those facts stare you right in the face on the regular.

Google Maps / Brooke Cagle
Google Maps / Brooke Cagle

Portland, Maine Facebook Group

Other than the occasional people from away hopping on the Portland, Maine group on Facebook saying they're visiting soon and asking where the best lobstah roll and chowdah is at every couple weeks, most of the posts are helpful as hell.

Whether it's someone starting a conversation about Hot Pot restaurants or pointing out bathroom difficulties around Monument Square, there's always something helpful that ends up popping up in the comments section of posts.

And Emily Elliott's recent post isn't any different.

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Hybrid Jobs

If you're going to put a positive spin on the pandemic, the "good thing" that came out of it all was the fact that a lot of businesses realized they didn't have to put such wear and tear on their employees by commanding them to come into the office every day when they could easily work from home.

The "even better thing" everyone realized was they could remain hybrid when the world opened back up, and you didn't have to take the "from home" part of "work from home" so literally. Which relates to the question Emily asked in the Facebook group.

Curious to know if there are any good spots to grab coffee or brunch and be able to work comfortably on my laptop for a couple hours. Specifically in the Old Port area, but I’m open to all suggestions.

Per usual, the comments section blew up with suggestions from helpful Mainers.

The Best Spots in Portland, Maine’s Old Port to Eat While You Work

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