A new public service announcement warns against the dangers of Duckasaurus in South Portland...hide your children!


This is fantastic! South Portland Community Television put out 'Duckasaurus: Don’t Feed the Waterfowl'. According to the Portland Press Herald, it's because of an ordinance the City Council passed in May banning feeding ducks and sea gulls. It's really well done in the style of 50's horror flicks. But if you listen to what they say, it makes a lot of sense!

I have grown up LOVING feeding ducks bread. I had no idea not only is bread not good for them, but it makes them dependent and lazy and actually could lead to their death!

Plus there's the poop. So much poop. The video shares that each duck makes about 4-5 pounds of poopers. That's a lot of poop...and well I think we all know that nothing good comes from a ton of poop.


The SPCT coordinator Moe Amaral says that it's been hard to get people to not feed ducks and geese, because they love it and they don't know it's really bad for the birds.

In fact, it's so bad that in the making of the video no birds were actually fed bread!

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