Those Peppy Le Pews are out on the prowl right now in Maine and New Hampshire. Don't get sprayed!

You or your pet getting sprayed by a THAT stinks! LOL

According to Extension UNH, skunks are out and about and ready to mingle. Hopefully not with you! T

here have already been several skunk sighting in New Hampshire, and people are wondering why they are out so early.

Fun fact, skunks usually law low in the winter months in a hole. They don't go into full hibernation, they just chill. S

o obviously, they get all fat before the winter, so they can survive without food. But, when we have those unusual warm winter days, skunks come out of hiding to forage.

Also, right now is skunk breeding season. It lasts until mid March. So, if you see a skunk just leave him be. Because he is on the hunt for lovin!



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