The Taco Bell that shares a building with Jiffy Lube on Alfred Street in Biddeford has been closed for a few days now and no one can be reached for comments according to an article on

There is a sign on the door that reads,"Sorry for the inconvenience but we are closed :-( We will be back in a couple days better than ever :-)"

Staff at the Journal Tribune say multiple calls to Taco Bell's media relation department have gone unanswered, as well as several emails. However they were able to speak to a representative on the Taco Bell customer service line, but they were just told that the restaurant is still listed in their records as open. They even called the adjacent Jiffy Lube to try and get an answer but they didn't know why it's closed either.

So the mystery continues as to why the restaurant had to suddenly shut down, and why all the secrecy around the temporary closure.

One interesting fact I found was they are listed as closed if you do a quick Google Maps search.

Google Maps
Google Maps



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