Rick and and Louraine Colwell were on their snowmobiles heading to dinner after a fun day of travelling the trails when they came across this big guy coming out of the woods in Pittsburg. 

This big bull moose came out of the woods to grab a bite to eat and didn't seem to mind at all that Rick and Louraine were a few feet away.

Rick grabbed his camera and shot this video of the moose eating the buds off the branches of a tree alongside the trail. Louraine said that they cautiously watched him while he ate and that it was "breathtaking."

Just to be safe, Rick stopped the camera and backed away before the moose decided to cross the road. Clearly he didn't see the couple as a threat.

How tall was that moose? The next day Rick and Louraine went back to the trail where they saw him and Rick stood next to the tree to reach for the branches that the moose fed off. Louraine sent us this picture for comparison.

Rick and Louraine Colwell
Rick and Louraine Colwell

We don't know Rick's height, but it's safe that was one big moose!

Have you ever had any encounters with nature that you felt was as breathtaking like this? Share you pictures or video with us in the comments below or on Facebook and Twitter.

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