WATCH: NE Chicken Wants to Braap, Braap!
Meet Sweet Pea. She is a chicken who holds dual citizenship in Maine and Vermont. Sweet Pea's Mom is Anna Rose Shedd of Cape Elizabeth. Anna runs a flatbread pizza company with her boyfriend, Creed called Vermont Small Batch and is obsessed with chickens.
Steelzy GoPro Snowmbile Ride
Whenever I tell someone I have a snowmobile the next question is "will you take me for a ride sometime?" Of course I would!
Last Sunday my friend Garry and I had a perfect run from Bridgton to Hawk Mountain in Waterford. There were very few other snowmobiles out that day which was v…
Big Moose Encounter in NH
Rick and and Louraine Colwell were on their snowmobiles heading to dinner after a fun day of travelling the trails when they came across this big guy coming out of the woods in Pittsburg.