The Rangeley Lakes Snowmobile Club had to put a warning on their Facebook page for snowmobilers who were venturing off the trails onto private property. Where they were riding was just asking for all kinds of punny comments.

Mmmmm. Nothing like the smell of fresh powder mixing with treated sewage, huh?

The club is justifiably worried that people riding on private property will endanger the existing trails the club maintains as owners may get frustrated with people riding where they're not supposed to and take away land access for snowmobiles.

But that aside....sewage. Remember how mom told you not to eat yellow snow as a kid? Think of that sign saying "private property" as mom and she's telling you take that sled somewhere else because yellow snow can't even compare to what you'll run over here.

The comments on the snowmobile club's post just couldn't resist.


The superintendent of the pollution control facility even chimed in, explaining the dangers present to riders, including the "wastewater generated snow," clearly a technical term.


The comment that summed up this whole mess perfectly brought karma into play.

Chicken Manure

Stay on the trails, m'kay?

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