Does Bigfoot exist?

The legend of Sasquatch dates back to the late 1950s when, according to, a letter detailing the discovery of large footprints was published along with a journalist's response to it in the Humboldt Times in California.

Naturally, the story and mystery spread, and with it came reports from across the country of Bigfoot. They've continued, including more footprint findings to actual claimed sightings of the creature over the years.

Or maybe not?

Honestly, it depends on who you ask, and while some are adamant about Bigfoot's existence, there are plenty of others who think it's either a hoax or one big tall tale that won't ever die.

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As for Bigfoot in Maine? The Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization, founded in 1995, has documented numerous reports from people in the Pine Tree State.

There have been 19 Maine reports dating back to 1970, per the BFRO website, with the most recent report being in 2023 in Aroostook County.

Surprisingly, that's the only reported sighting in The County. You'd think there'd be more sightings when compared to the southern more populated counties, right?

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There have been no reported sightings in Franklin, Kennebec, Knox, Lincoln, Sagadahoc, Somerset, and Washington counties, according to the BFRO website, while nine of Maine's 16 counties have at least one reported sighting of Bigfoot.

Take a look at the counties that have had reports of Bigfoot:

  • Aroostook County - 1 sighting - 2023
  • Waldo County - 1 sighting - 2016
  • Cumberland County - 1 sighting - 1973
  • Piscataquis County - 1 sighting - 1970
  • Hancock County - 2 sightings - 2020, 1996 or 1997
  • Penobscot County - 2 sightings - 2020, 1973 or 1974
  • Androscoggin County - 2 sightings - 1999, 1986
  • York County - 4 sightings - 2017, 2016, 1985, 1974
  • Oxford County - 5 sightings - 2022, 2020, 2016, 2001, 1998

Surprised Oxford County tops the list? Maybe Bigfoot is a big Sunday River ski fan or loves to place big bets at Oxford Casino.

Just note that this list of the counties with sightings is based on the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization. You may have heard or read about other Maine Bigfoot reports but, they just haven't been shared with this particular scientific research organization.

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Have you seen Bigfoot in Maine? Do you believe this mysterious creature is real?

Take a look at some of the wild reports over the years:

Here Are 14 Times Bigfoot Has Been Reported in Maine

Gallery Credit: Sean McKenna

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