A bill banning the use of disposable foam containers across the entire state of Maine has crossed one more hurdle to becoming law.

The bill sponsored by Democratic Representative Stanley Zeigler of Montville would prohibit stores from using any disposable food containers that are made entirely or partially of styrofoam. Similar bans have been in place on the local level in several towns across Maine, some for years. If the bill is signed by Governor Mills, it would extend to all towns and municipalities.

The bill was approved by the Maine Senate on April 16 so now it just needs to go through procedural voting before Governor Mills can choose to sign it into law, which seems likely. If signed, the law would go into effect on January 1, 2020.

It's not without controversy though as issues have been raised such as the financial burden on small businesses to comply with the law and that it could raise prices for consumers. Proponents say that the impact on the environment that non-degradable containers pose makes this ban necessary.

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