This guy may single-handedly be responsible for a surge in pool popularity.

Japanese pool player Naoyuki Oi won a match at the World Pool Master tournament in Britain last weekend, but the real action occurred when Sky Sports' personality Tony Wrighton interviewed him. Or, attempted to interview him.

After Wrighton's first question, Oi enthusiastically exclaimed in triumph, "My name is Naoyuki Oi. Today very lucky. Congratulations me! Yay!"

He also referenced the "Pen-Pineapple-Apple-Pen" song. It's not clear if Oi was just trying to be funny or if he was having trouble understanding English and decided being a goofball would be the best way to handle the matter. Whatever the reason, it doesn't matter -- he's gone viral for the amusing interview.

Oi wound up losing in the quarterfinals, but he didn't let that diminish the quality of his Q&As. Check out his interview with Wrighton after his defeat. Considering the fact he goes 8-balls to the wall, we say his agent needs to get him an endorsement deal, stat.

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