Customers pulling into Little Caesars to grab themselves a $5 hot-n-ready pizza found the signs gone, the door locked and the windows covered up, seemingly overnight. What happened?

The store has been shuttered since as early as February 8. This corner of the Pine Tree Shopping Center is now completely vacant. Key Bank closed in 2016, an ethnic market never materialized for the middle store and now Little Caesars is out. Chapter 11 Furniture also recently closed their location here.

A peek through a small section of the door into the store shows it looking like everything was grabbed in a hurry and whisked away.

A sign on the door apologizes to Little Caesars customers, saying that they had no choice but to close and find a new location and in the meantime to visit their other stores, the closest at the Northgate plaza on Auburn Street.

The Pine Tree Shopping Center is owned by Brixmor Property Group out of New York City who own and operate more than 500 properties in 38 states. This is the only property they own in Maine.

We Googled until our fingers bled to find the franchise owner of Little Caesars, but came up with nothing and are just too lazy to go to city hall and look up tax records.

The store seemed to be popular and judging by the sign in the window, it seems like a case of your typical landlord vs tenant clash. Judging by the vacancies at the shopping center, the owners are having a hard time keeping business for whatever reason.


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