A man was reportedly shot by police Saturday morning in the Union Station Plaza parking lot. Joe Dunbar was at the scene on Facebook Live showing the area roped off. Several streets in the area have reportedly been closed as well.

Reports say the man was in the parking lot waving a pellet gun. This story is still developing and we'll update as we learn more.

UPDATE 12:38P - The Portland Press Herald reports the man was intoxicated and walked into Coastal Trading and Pawn, bought a BB gun and when he went outside he was surrounded by police officers, one of whom shot the man in the forehead.

UPDATE 12:41P - Witnesses say the the man dropped the pellet gun he bought from the pawn shop when police officers arrived. He was warned not to pick up the gun, but did. An officer shot him in the forehead.

UPDATE 2:52P - Police have confirmed that the man was killed.





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