It has been an especially long and cruel winter, filled with snow storms, ice storms, wind storms and any other storm that can imagine. So the idea that the switch will suddenly be turned and that Mother Nature will hand us a string of beautiful beach days seems pretty far-fetched. Then again, she's called Mother Nature for a reason. Stop looking down at your phone and look into a mirror...ARE YOU READY FOR BEACH SEASON?

Facebook via Kayla Marie
Facebook via Kayla Marie

We're not. Which is why the latest sign from Binga's Windham shared on Facebook by one of our listeners, probably hits a little too close to home for all of us here in Maine that have spent the last 7 months of our lives wondering if we'd ever see another season other than winter again. Have we gained a few pounds? Sure, who hasn't? How can you not when every other week, there's a Nor'Easter showing up on your doorstep? Will we still look better than Canadians in speedos? Probably, but we're not going to promise anything.

So get ready for a solid month and a half of beach weather Maine, and don't you dare worry about being smoking hot!

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