When we last checked in on Binga's Whindam they were in the middle of a hilarious sign war with White Knuckle Customs, also located on Roosevelt Trail. It was all in good fun and kept the people who got stuck in 302 traffic entertained. That was back in early December.

Recently I checked in on Binga's Windham's Facebook page and was delighted to see that not only are they continuing to put up funny signs, but they are now getting other businesses along the trail involved as well.

Just last week they asked Rustler's Steakhouse to be their Valentine.

As you can see, Rustler's said yes!

Binga's Whindam also reminds us that it is tax season.

And that some people need spelling lessons.

They also go deep with their thoughts sometimes.

And let us know that things could always be worse..

Looks like I'll have to check in on them monthly to make sure we don't miss any of the funny signs Binga's Windham, and surrounding businesses, put up.
One thing is for sure, I am still addicted to their smoked salt & vinegar wings!

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