Changes are coming to Binga's in Windham, known for their delicious wings and some of the funniest messages on their sign, like this classic:

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Let's start right off by saying that these changes will not include the end of the funny signs. However, it does include a change in name from Binga's to Smoked BBQ & Neighborhood Pub.

The announcement was made on what was Binga's Facebook page (it has now been updated to "Smoked Windham").

We are excited to announce the opening of Smoked BBQ & Neighborhood Pub! Formally known as Binga's Windham (No affiliation).

We have updated the entire menu, that highlights the use of fresh, locally sourced ingredients with a commitment to gluten-free options whenever possible. Of course, there will be wings, featuring our all-new dry rubs and breading, but we'll also offer many items, such as brisket, ribs, burnt ends, fried cauliflower, tacos, pasta, and much more.

The one thing that has not changed is the most important...our amazing staff. You'll be greeted by the same familiar faces and vibrant personalities you've all grown to know and love, expect the same delightful madness (with) our quirky signs and social media posts, aiming to make most of you laugh while driving others a bit crazy.

While our team makes exciting changes, we kindly ask for just a couple of days before we swing our doors open. We appreciate your patience. We look forward to seeing you all this coming week.

A lot of people were asking on Facebook about the ownership, and got their answer in a comment from Smoked BBQ & Neighborhood Pub:

The comment questioning ownership continues to come up.
The simple answer is that there were 2 owners of the Windham and Portland locations.
Now 1 of them owns both of those locations, while the other person still owns Yarmouth and the brand/name.
They’re completely separate restaurants now.
By the sound of things, it's the old Binga's and staff you loved with a new name and expanded menu, and it should be open soon.
The loss of the Binga's name, however, leaves just the original Binga's in Yarmouth still open. Plans to open a new location on Forest Avenue in Portland have been slow coming.

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