Blyth & Burrows, the beloved cocktail bar and small plates restaurant, may have another place for you to visit.

When Cinque Terre closed last spring, it was announced that Blyth & Burrows owner Joshua Miranda had leased the space around the corner from Wharf Street to open a new restaurant and event space.

While many are excited for a devoted Blyth & Burrows restaurant, Miranda says he's going to mix it up with this new location.

@Portlandfoodmap shared on Instagram that he had "a different concept that we hope people will respond well to, and the 10 Dana Street Property is just too special to pass on. It's one of the more iconic buildings in the Old Port."

Blyth and Burrows opened in summer 2017, and Miranda hopes to open his new restaurant later this fall, 2019.

Stay tuned for exciting updates on this new venture.

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