These guys over on Congress Street in Portland answered all our adult prayers. This is the type of bar you didn't know you needed until it opened, and you walked passed it with the most impressed surprise face you've ever had. I had a similar reaction after experiencing the first self-pour wine bar that opened last month. Concept bars are the best, and are fully needed nowadays.

Presenting, Another Round, Portland's first-ever board game bar that's not only a bar, but also a cafe.

I happened to walk by Another Round the other day, and it stopped me in my tracks. I had to check it out because I saw somebody playing Trouble with a coffee in their hands in a super inviting booth.

The only other game-themed bar in Portland is Arcadia, but it's all digital games and mostly pinball.

I love Arcadia. It's a total vibe, the atmosphere is so fun, and they have great drinks too. But board games that remind you of your innocent self as a kid in a social media-filled world is a whole different level.

According to their website, Another Round has over 250 games to choose from, both old and new. They literally have 1,000 pounds of board games in the back for you. Check this out:

Amazing. This is the perfect type of bar to go to if you're not a huge drinker but still want to have some fun. First dates are about to become old-school again, and we love to see it. I got dibs on Candy Land or Jenga.

Another Round is open Wednesdays through Sundays from 8am-9pm, according to their website.

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