In a press conference held at 4 p.m. Tuesday, September 27, the Freeport Police Department confirmed that the body found by a Marine Patrol plane earlier Tuesday afternoon is in fact that of missing 14-year-old Freeport, Maine resident Theo Ferrara.

Theo had been missing since Thursday afternoon.

Around noon time, WGME reported that Maine Game Wardens had discovered a body "in the ocean" near the area where searches for Theo had been ongoing over the last few days.

Shortly after, RSU 5, the school district that Theo attended, announced in a letter posted to their website and by Superintendent Jean Skorapa that the body found was indeed that of Theo.

It is with a heavy heart that I write this letter to inform you that this afternoon, Theo Ferrara was found deceased.  Our sincere condolences to Theo’s family and friends.  During this time as the school community processes this news and copes with grief, the school district will offer counseling and bereavement support to all students and staff.

The cafeteria at Freeport High School will remain open for students who may want to gather until 9:00PM tonight.  Our team of school counselors will be available for any student or staff member who may need or want assistance surrounding this loss. 

A student death is a difficult and challenging situation that can generate anxiety for some students.  How we, as adults, manage ourselves serves as an important model for helping kids handle tragedies like this.  We encourage you to listen carefully to your child and answer questions openly and honestly should they occur.  Accepting your child’s feelings and validating them is beneficial.  

During the days ahead, your child may find it helpful to discuss his/her feelings.  If you feel your child needs to speak to a school counselor or other caring adult, please do not hesitate to call your child’s school.

Our deepest sympathy to the entire family.

A visibly emotional Freeport Police Chief Nathaniel Goodman confirmed the opening of Superintendent Skorapa's letter in the short five-minute press conference, only confirming that the body found was Theo's and empathizing with the heartbreaking situation the Ferrara family is currently going through.

He also thanked the long list of people who aided in the search -- including Maine Game Wardens, the Brunswick Police Department, and "the Freeport friends and residents."

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