Bono of U2 has been getting standing ovations for his entire career.

Still, this week he was the one who jumped to his feet after a riveting performance from the Pihcintu Multicultural Chorus.

He is pictured with Sundy Ntoto, a Deering High School senior and member of the chorus group, in a Facebook post by Portland, ME Public Schools.

The group performed at the U.N. while Bono and the former president of Ireland were launching a program that focuses on education for young women in Ireland.

Pihcintu Multicultural Chorus is based in Portland and brings together "young women from Cambodia, China, Congo, El Salvador, Egypt, Kazakhstan, Kenya, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, Sudan, Uganda, Viet Nam, British West Indies, and Zambia, along with children whose families have been here for generations," according to the group's website.

On a personal note, this has to be huge for the members of this chorus, I being someone who has a foreign point of view on the world, if I was in a choir with my fellow refuge comrades and Bono (the biggest champion of my cause) was in the crowd, I would be a nervous wreck!

Kudos to them for keeping their cool and finishing a fantastic performance.

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