The sun is shining, the quarantine - lay some rubbah bub!



Well, don't disappoint the children! As you can see on the road, there is rubber layed, much to the children's delight!

That's little Kaylee, Jazlyne and mom Sharna - they live on Crowley Road in Sabattus. It was a gorgeous day on Saturday and they had a front row view of Crowley. Add a big sign and you've got yourself an entire afternoon of fun entertainment!

Josh demonstrates how it's done!


He wasn't the only one - as you can see...

Sharna Grover

What fun! Time for me to give it a try! The only problem is that I was in the Q Van...I'm sure I can do it! It's for the children!

Uh...okay, so not the most amazing burnout. Sorry kids. But it was sweet to see their little disappointed faces! Stay safe and have fun Maine!



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