Banners Bar & Grill is now the proud owner of the biggest TV screen in New England. Now, that's something to brag about!

According to WCVB, Banners Kitchen & Tap's monstrous screen measures almost 40 feet across the diagonal. It's so big, it was installed in pieces by a team climbing scaffolding, the site says. People risked their lives so Tom Brady's chin could look big enough for you to live in! There are worse places to live, let's be serious.

A lot is changing on Causeway Street ever since the renovation of the Boston Garden which is FINALLY complete. Banners is actually located in what was formerly part of the Garden.

Banners' massive tv isn't the only claim to fame.

The news site stated they also have 60 rotating taps, a collection of cocktails and a menu of crowd favorite food options. They don't have a brunch menu yet but don't you fret, they are working on a menu that will be available four days a week!

Instead of making Banners your run of the mill, average Joe Sport's Bar, they decided to make it special. Giving it the largest TV screen in New England gives people a reason to want to come to check it out. I know I'm going to!

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