Okay, so the headline for this article is supposed to be taken tongue-in-cheek. I'm not out here trying to run a company down at all.

But that said, while the advancements being made at this company in Massachusetts are impressive, they're also terrifying. And probably just asking for trouble, really.

Boston Dynamics via YouTube
Boston Dynamics via YouTube

Boston Dynamics

Even though Boston is in the company name, Boston Dynamics is located in Waltham, Massachusetts. The company is so hyper-focused on robots, that their tagline (at least, on their website) is literally,

Changing your idea of what robots can do.

No offense to the obvious geniuses working at Boston Dynamics making all of the technological and robotic advancements that they have in the last handful of years, but while impressive, it seems like most ideas of what robots can do lately surround "take over the world."

At least, between movies like Avengers: Age of Ultron, The Matrix, WALL-E, Transformers, I, Robot, and more where robots either take over the world or some form of A.I. ends up in control.

Atlas the Robot

And truthfully, there's nothing but respect to the crew at Boston Dynamics. They've literally taken a hunk of metal and wires and formed it into the internet superstar known as Atlas, who has become a bit of a mascot for Boston Dynamics.

(Which, writing it that way legit terrifies me that somehow I just pissed a robot off and somehow my life is about to end, either digitally, literally, or both. But I digress.)

I mean, they literally created two Atlas robots that can do freakin' parkour, as shown in this video from a year ago.

And nevermind the fact that the Boston Dynamics crew created a couple of robot athletes (that are probably more athletic than a good chunk of humans,) because two weeks ago, they dropped a video that shows Atlas literally now able to grip objects and toss them.

Ya know, kinda like humans can do?

...anyone else getting a little too weirded out at how human-like Atlas is becoming? Suddenly, a robot takeover doesn't seem like nothing but a joke or just a plotline for a movie anymore...

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