Things are getting warmer slowly here in Maine as spring has begun. Snow has melted and we're in the thick of the mud season. Now many are wondering when Bridgton Twin Drive-In will open up to start its 66th season.

Each year, the Bridgton Drive-In shoots for an opening sometime in mid-April, weather depending. In 2017 the planned opening on April 14th got delayed due to two feet of snow still on the ground and another storm on the way.

Our spring this year seems to have been pretty kind as far as there not being any significant April snow. What really dictates the drive-in's opening date is how dry the ground is. If the ground is still soaked in water, the whole place would just become a giant mud put if cars were allowed in. So it's always a guessing game to figure out when the projectors will fire up for the first time of the season.

That said, a tentative opening date has been set by the Bridgton Twin Drive-In through a post on Facebook with an image from a movie that was a winner of five Academy Awards.

April 15th is hopefully the opening day, but do you know the movie? That's Nurse Ratched from One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest

There will be a small price increase this season but it's still a great value even with only two people in the car.

Keep your eye on the marquee and on the Bridgton Twin Drive-In Facebook page for a confirmed opening date and what will be playing.

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