Let me preface this whole thing with the fact that maybe I see this couple and immediately think "relationship goals" because I'm single. So, maybe this is written with some sort of bias.

But that said, it's not like I see them while they stroll passed my house and get this longing to fall in love, grow old, and do this same thing. So, I think it's more so the fact that these two humans are just so adorable together that it stands out.

Sam Williams
Sam Williams

I have no idea who this man and woman are. I don't know if they live in my neighborhood. Hell, I don't even know if they're married. And they don't have to be for this to still hit the way it does.

Because there are times when I'm either bringing in groceries, doing yard work, or just taking in the spring fresh air we're finally now getting in northern New England where I'll see this couple pop up on my street.

The man will be gliding along slowly on an older bicycle while the woman in his company is always a stride or two behind the man. They won't be side by side, but the man doesn't leave the woman in the dust, either.

Christian Chen
Christian Chen

I don't see them every day and there are even weeks that will go by before I see them again. But every now and then they'll cross my path and I'll find myself just stopping and smiling.

Because whether or not they are a couple that have been together forever and are still deeply in love, or a couple that met later in life and are still in the honeymoon stage, or even if they are just friends enjoying fresh air and another human's company --

These two are relationship goals -- whether the relationship is romantic or not. Sometimes, it's something as easy as a bike ride and a walk to reinforce that.

It really can be that simple.

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