To say that mayor Shane Bouchard's tenure in Lewiston has been rocky would probably be an understatement.

Tonight, NEWSCENTERMaine is reporting explosive allegations that could undermine the mayor's administration and races in Lewiston in the future.

Heather Everly Berube spoke on Tuesday night at a Lewiston city council meeting, and claimed that while she was working on Ben Chin's campaign for Mayor in 2017, she was secretly having an affair with Chin's opponent, Shane Bouchard. She claimed that she shared Chin's emails and inside campaign information with Bouchard, and those emails later ended up on The Maine Examiner, a fake news website run by the director of the Maine Republican Party. Many believe that the release of those emails had a profound effect on the outcome of the election, and Bouchard would go on to win the election amid accusations of impropriety surrounding the stolen emails.

The Lewiston City Council has released a statement, indicating that it takes these accusations seriously, and the Lewiston Police Department says that it's investigating possible crimes.

Bouchard has also been in ethical trouble before. In March 2018, Maine Secretary of State Matthew Dunlap took issue with a message Bouchard sent to Lewiston voters. In it, the mayor falsely claimed that voters who registered at the polls in a previous election faced residency requirements. Read that story in the Portland Press Herald here.

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