The Old Orchard Beach United Methodist Church accidentally left a back door open. Someone not only vandalized the church, but the food pantry too!


The burglary happened sometime late Monday night. They helped themselves to 3 frozen pizzas and some ice cream before wrecking the place. And they didn't take it was just senseless destruction.

But the Old Orchard Beach United Methodist Church isn't holding a grudge. In fact, the food pantry is back open, and the mess picked up with the help of members and the community and they have asked for prayers on their Facebook page:

Please pray for the person or persons involved in this unfortunate incident and - as always -for our wonderful community.


According to WGME CBS13, Pastor Mike Gray, says

I think we double down on our security. Make sure our doors get locked down at night, but that's just a short term fix. The long term fix, I think, is that we need to help this communitiy heal. We know there is a bit of a drug problem in this area, and we would like to help that first as much as we can so that it can benefit the community as a whole.


Pastor Gray went on to say that he would have gladly given whoever needed the food, some food. What a great outlook...we wish the church, the members and the community a quick recovery and to keep that forgiving heart open.


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