Pat's Pizza in Portland, Maine Closed

It was a sad day back on Sunday, April 9, when after 14 years of serving some delicious slices to Mainers, the Portland, Maine location of Pat's Pizza in the Old Port closed its doors.

Unlike other Pat's Pizza locations scattered across the state, Pat's in the Old Port was unique in that it was basically three floors of fun, with weekends often seeing a line outside the door with at least a 10-minute wait due to the dance club aspect being open.

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Unfortunately, with that fun and unique aspect can come some drama alongside it. According to a story written by NEWS CENTER Maine just before Pat's in the Old Port closed, there were over a dozen calls to police for incidents at the restaurant over a 10-month period.

In fact, staff members and police urged the Portland city council to vote against renewing the liquor license for Pat's in the Old Port back in January, according to that NEWS CENTER Maine story, due to all the issues that could pop up there.

(You know what can sometimes happen when you mix young people dancing and accidentally bumping into each other or being caught in love triangles when alcohol is involved.)

That said, since the closing of Pat's in the Old Port on April 9, the space has remained vacated with no word of any businesses that may try their luck at the location. And with no one calling dibs on the vacant space yet or any rumors of what could take over, we have some suggestions.

9 Businesses That Should Move Into the Old Pat's Pizza in Portland, Maine

The opportunities are endless.

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