Oh wow...and you thought your office was contentious.

Let's review what 'Gibbs cuffing' is. Leroy Jethro Gibbs is the main character on the CBS show 'NCIS'. According to the Portland Press Herald, part of the show is this playful little slap on the head that has been dubbed 'Gibbs cuffing'.

Well, that has led to assault charges against the vice chairwoman of the Buxton Board of Selectmen who is on trial this week. It gets a little complicated...so here's a quick explanation.

Jean Harmon (irony that she shares the same last name as Mark Harmon...no relation) is accused of assaulting Gregory Heffernan, the town’s solid waste manager.

But her defense is that they were “Gibbs cuffing,” according to the Portland Press Herald. She says that she has been doing this with Greg for the last eight years, the newspaper stated, and they've had a nice, friendly, working relationship for 15 years.

Every once in a while, there was a mutually okay slap on his head. He reportedly never complained or asked her to stop.

But that changed last October when these two disagreed on a policy and Harmon gave Heffernan a 'Gibbs cuff,' according to the Portland Press Herald. He went to the police.

She's pleaded not guilty and the trial is supposed to start today. Oh boy....the fun in Buxton never ends!

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