If you've been looking for an opportunity to support the prominent refugee and immigrant community in Maine, and also got a hankerin' for some damn good cookies, C.love has you covered.

C.love Cookie Project

C.love Cookies is a local business started by Katherine, who was raised by her Lebanese-American mother and instilled from an early age with the values of faith, food, culture, and family. She started C.love to support programs that assist and educate refugees and immigrants in Maine, to which she donates 21% of C.love's profits. Three local organizations benefit from C.love donations: Way of Life Mission, The Root Cellar Portland, and Portland Adult Education. Needless to say, their mission is noble - but the cookies themselves are PHENOMENAL! We tried a box and couldn't keep our hands off them. C.love's unconventional flavors include: goat's milk caramel shortbread, lavender, nutmeg, and lebanese shortbread; among more familiar flavors like chocolate chip and vanilla, all to die for.

You can find C.love cookies in 10 different locations in Portland, or order them directly from C.love Cookie Project, L3C. They're cheaper by the dozen, so think of them for lunch meetings, parties, or get togethers! They even offer smaller catering-sized cookies by the dozen.

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