There have been some pretty creative forgeries of state inspection stickers by those who probably know their vehicle isn't going to pass, but this one may be the most unique of all time.

When people decide to fake an inspection sticker, their thought process is simple, yet flawed. They think that an police officer won't be able to tell the difference when driving past them because the sticker is so small it would be hard to read. In reality, at least in Maine, all an officer needs to note is the color and where the notch is cut out and the can instantly know if the sticker is valid.

So people who forge these stickers not only recreate the design, but they have to get the color right as well for whatever year it happens to be. In Maine, they also need to cut a notch out of their home brew sticker indicating a month in the future if they ever hope to not get caught. Then if they manage to do all that, they still have to make sure the don't speed or make any other traffic violations that cause them to get stopped by a police officer who will of course check the sticker as part of his traffic stop procedure.

With all that in mind, we're not sure what this person was thinking who forged this New Hampshire inspection sticker. "Hey, Bobby! Hand me my pack of smokes. I have an idea."

It's unique alright, but a second grader could probably make you a better on in art class. Nice try though. You might have to give up smokes for a while to pay those fines.

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