I can't help but think of 'Meet the Parents' when I hear about milking anything other than a cow.



Good news, I did not attempt to milk my cat. But I did attempt to 'milk' a cucumber. It was a viral TikTok video where a woman literally milks a cucumber. She cuts an end off, rubs it to the cut veggie and well, a thick milky substance forms. Well, that just made me want to try. I would say it went as well as if I tried to milk a cow...or a cat.



You can see that something resulted from all my rubbing (and I was really putting some muscle into that milking!), but nothing compared to the woman in the TikTok video!

This video has over 120 THOUSAND views. Lot of interest in the milking of a cucumber. By the way, the reason to 'milk' a cucumber is to take away any bitter taste it might have.

Don't know if that worked, because I didn't taste it before milking. To be honest, I didn't taste it after milking either. I just wanted to milk a veggie!






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