I know LL Bean has been around for a long time - according to their website, founder and avid hunter Leon Leonwood Bean made the first pair in 1911 and the company took off from there.

You probably don't have Bean boots that are that old, unless your family has been hunting in Maine for generations and your great grandpappy was keen on keeping his old worn out boots around.

My mom, born and raised in Minnesota, has the oldest pair of Bean boots I've ever met. They were resoled (for free!) only one time since she got them in 1978. This year was those boots' 40th birthday! The best part? She still wears them. Not on the regular - she  supplements them with other winter footwear - but those trusty Bean boots make an appearance more than a few times each year!

These timeless kicks are my favorite representation of the lifelong outdoorswoman. Little did I know when I was a young Idaho kid ogling my mom's unique leather and rubber boots, all of Maine was sporting the same winter wear on their feet. So Mainers: I challenge you! How old are your Bean boots? Do yours compete with my mom's 40-year-old friends?

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