A couple years ago, a developer decided that Canal Plaza in Portland could use a bit of a change. Large trees were removed from the plaza and replaced with a small building that was shaped like a guitar pick. The developer assumed that the building, with huge visibility and foot traffic, would be an easy sell. It wasn't. But as with all things in Portland, there's always something new brewing. And something new will be coming to Zero Canal Plaza.

Google Maps
Google Maps

According to Portland Food Map, Zero Canal Plaza will be home to New England's first location of the super popular Canadian vegan chain restaurant, Copper Branch. In fact, depending on how quickly they move in and open, it could be the second location in the entire United States.

Copper Branch is known for their vegan soups, power bowls, sandwiches and burgers. Copper Branch grew in popularity quickly in Canada because of it's wide array of menu options but because it could be delivered quickly and still taste delicious. Portland should be a great test market in the U.S. because the city already has many restaurants that offer vegan menu options and enough interest to support those options.

As of this writing, there is no firm date on when Copper Branch will open in Portland.

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