This one is flying quietly under the radar, and we're not sure why. Behind the Windham Mall, carnival rides are being set up and there's a lot of buzz in the Windham Maine Community Board Facebook group about what is going on.

The curiosity is due to the fact that not a lot of people in the Windham area have even heard about this with many people turning to the Facebook group to get answers.

This photo was taken by Caitlyn Westerfield who owns and operates Care By Caitlyn - Therapeutic Massage in Windham. Clearly, something fun is about to happen here.

Caitlyn Westerfield -Care By Caitlyn - Therapeutic Massage
Caitlyn Westerfield -Care By Caitlyn - Therapeutic Massage

So far we haven't seen any advertising or notices of this event, but Chandra Sirois who is a stylist at the Mancave at the Windham Mall posted in the group that Portland Pie in Windham is behind this:

"It is being put on by Windham Portland Pie. Running from Wednesday- Sunday this coming week. They’ve partnered up with Smokey’s and proceeds go to Windham Veterans Center and Young Life Sebago.
Wednesday-Friday 5-10pm. Saturday 12-10pm Sunday 12-6pm. There will be rides, carnival food and a beer tent. I work at the Mancave Hair Lounge barber shop and we got an update yesterday.

So there you have it. We aren't quite sure which of Smokey's rides will be there, but since it's not on the same footprint as you might see at any of Maine's agricultural fairs, it's safe to say this will be a smaller event. And it's for a great cause too. I'm totally down for some carnival food and a beer tent.

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