Joe Heroux from Casco has been finding hidden treasures for about 30 years.


He started metal detecting about 30 years ago when he was a teen. His older cousin got into it and brought him along. There are lots of treasures to be found. Like old artifacts, coins, jewelry, and who knows what else! The best part about Joe and his treasure hunting is the history of a property that he loves sharing with the owner. Especially if the property has belonged in the family for generations. He's returned lost jewelry on several occasions. He's always grateful for the opportunity.

Old Properties and Forgotten Places/Facebook

The best part is that Joe doesn't charge a thing and returns all items found to the owner of the property! Do you own property from the 1940's or even older? Old cellar hole, ball field from yesteryear? Do you want to know the history that is hidden under your feet?

Old Properties and Forgotten Places/Facebook


Joe uses highly sophisticated equipment and also has techniques that leave nearly no trace that he was there. He removes all trash found. And to be clear, for every good object he finds, there are about 50-100 pieces of trash found too! He wants to save history.

Old Properties and Forgotten Places

Think there may be some history under your feet? He works in the Raymond/Casco area but is willing to travel about an hour from there. Did you lose a piece of jewelry in or near the water? He also has underwater equipment to help find it. If this sounds like something you'd love, contact Joe at



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