Lawrence A. Bossong graduated from Cheverus last year and was the Valedictorian. He's written a song all about Portland, Maine.

Lawrence Bossong/Facebook


His song “Portland” started in the spring of 2017 when he was a sophomore. His sister Victoria was assigned to write a song as a project for her 8th grade music class. Although an informal assignment (just write lyrics), she knew that her bro was into producing music and would be able to help her go all-out and make a fully produced song.

Having heard other songs about cities (“Paris” and “New York City” by the Chainsmokers, “Barcelona” by Ed Sheeran, “Malibu” by Miley Cyrus) he knew Portland was the perfect choice. Going to Cheverus High School, he had the best view of the Portland skyline every morning, which inspired the lyrics.

After writing the song, he composed a piano track and his sister recorded vocals. It started as a slower orchestral ballad and when her music teacher heard it, he was very impressed.



Lawrence always loved singing and writing music but was always too scared to share songs he had written. It wasn’t until his senior year when he wrote and released his first song as a singer called “Die Again” that he realized...people really like it. That gave him a confidence boost to write more.

In his senior year, he performed more and also sang at his graduation. He now goes to Princeton, and misses Portland...and decided to make that his first solo single.

He had it re-produced in Nashville and recorded the lead vocals at a studio in New York City and then released the song on December 14th...the day he came home for winter break.

It's a great song and will make you fall in love with Portland again...