These Christmas trees in Lewiston have the sweetest back story...


A kind man up in Lewiston, who would like to remain private, lost his wife 12 years ago. It was sudden and heartbreaking for him and his family. They wanted to honor her memory somehow. Her favorite time of year was Christmas and she loved Christmas trees and always wanted a Christmas tree farm.

Christmas tree - Shauna Beaudoin
Christmas tree - Shauna Beaudoin


So, shortly after she passed, he along with his daughter, her husband and their daughter planted about 1,000 trees in a 3 year period. He has shared the trees with his children, grandchildren and even the great grandchildren. They each get their own tree every year, as well as close family and friends also. Some know of this gentleman and his Christmas trees that mean so much, like Shauna Beaudoin, who is a friend of family member. They are happy to meet people who also have personal stories of their own.

This very loved wife and mother would be so proud to know that her love of Christmas and Christmas trees has touched so many.



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