The retired veteran of News Center Maine is the newest member of the Maine Association of Broadcasters Hall of Fame.

I was so grateful to attend this year's Maine Association of Broadcasters award ceremony and Hall of Fame Induction event. That's because many amazing broadcasters were inducted into the Hall of Fame: 'Altitude' Lou McNally, 'Mighty' Jon Marshal, Jon Shannon and Cindy Williams.

News Center Maine Facebook
News Center Maine Facebook

Cindy was a force in broadcasting. She was in the Portland market on News Center Maine for 32 years, which is remarkable. And rare. It was the pandemic and two back surgeries that made her reassess what was happening with the next phase of her life. She said goodbye to our living rooms.

She looks amazing, and she and her retired News Center Maine husband, Lee Nelson, are a handsome couple. It makes sense that they are both doing modeling in their retirement/next phase. It was also great to see Pat Callaghan, who also retired from News Center Maine. I had/have a tiny media crush on him. I went to his table to let him know that I couldn't satisfy my Pat crush because he was not in my living room. He offered to have me call him.

He was kidding.

Cindy worked with Pat for decades on the evening news. Cindy said in her acceptance speech that she believes they are the longest-working news the country!

Congratulations, Cindy Williams! As the News Center Maine Facebook post proves with hundreds congratulating you, you are loved and missed. But mostly, we are happy for you.

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