It's been a funky couple of years, but breast cancer doesn't care. We are back at it with Cans for a Cure 2021!


This is our 19th year of collecting bottles and cans and turning them over to Clynk. Clynk has been an amazing partner. We started working with them when they started here in Maine. As they have grown in their ability to recycle returnables, so has their support for Cans for a Cure. They are constantly working on new ways for you to help. And when it's not Cans for a Cure to fund the Maine Cancer Foundation - it's for other amazing organizations.



First, you can sign up for a bag donation event. The event this time is Cans for a Cure!


Or you can donate part or all of your Clynk balance to Cans for a Cure:


Maybe you have an account but aren't set up online to access it. Clynk can help with that too!

Thank you to the hundreds who have helped through this journey. A lot of charities took a hit when Covid hit us all. But the need never ended, and the giving had to get creative. Thank you to Clynk for making it as easy as possible to help those Mainers, some you know, some you don't, who are battling breast cancer. One day we hopefully won't need to collect bottles and cans to raise money to fight this disease.

But until then...


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