We have been pumped about giving away a season pass to Funtown Splashtown USA. Guesses have been coming in and it's been going great..until THIS happened.


You see. The big ol' pile of snow on the steps just outside One City Center - where the Q lives, was a perfect mound of the white stuff to guess when it would be gone!

The person who guesses the date this snow is GONE will win a season pass to Funtown Splashtown USA! Family and friends 4 pack of season passes are the same price as last year! By the way season passes pay for themselves in less than 3 visits! Trust me...as cold and snowy this winter was - the summer will be hot and sticky!

But then THIS happened!


Well...he did a great job at moving that snow!



I was working when people all of a sudden came up to me to tell me that they were moving my snow pile. I thought they were messing with me, until I saw it with my own eyes!

Here's the good news. The snow pile just MOVED. Same snow, new location around the corner. So...here's updated photos!



Still guess when this sucker will be gone and the deadline for this is:




I swear this stuff only happens me.