A Scarborough woman concerned about the safety of her kids on her busy street in Scarborough started to take videos of cars speeding by in an effort to get them to slow down.

Gina Aguirre put out signs to try to warn people to slow down as she waited with her son for the bus in the morning. The speed limit on her neighborhood's section of Old Blue Point Road in Scarborough is 25 MPH, but drivers seem to be going much faster than that.

There's a small warning sign that was put out near the street, but that didn't seem to do the trick, so Gina has taken to Facebook to catch the offenders in the act.

Gina says she's contacted the Scarborough Police and they will be monitoring the street more closely.

Remember...the speed limit in most neighborhoods is 25MPH for a reason. Slow down, because that minute you save getting to where you want to go isn't worth a ticket, or worse, hurting someone.

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