Sometimes when you really, really want something, your mind can play tricks on you. You can't blame people in northern Maine for doing a double-take when looking at Aroostook State Park on Wednesday morning. That's because weather conditions overnight were perfect to create an anomaly, where the wind essentially creates snowballs throughout a flattened field. And in these coronavirus times, those small snowballs look an awful lot like toilet paper.

Shared on Facebook by Michael A Gudreau, we can confirm that nobody in northern Maine has perfected the toilet paper plant and has planted an entire field of them. If they had, we'd all be heading north and trying our hands in the fields to bring in the biggest crop possible. Instead, this was an instance of a weather phenomenon known as a snow roller, where snowballs are formed naturally by perfect wind conditions picking up material along the way. It's a rare occurrence but when you get to see, it's pretty stunning.

So for now, we'll have to rely on all of those paper companies to deliver some TP to stores near and far and continue to dream that someday Maine will be hope to the fictional toilet paper plant. Anything is possible.

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