Saco, Maine condo sold

Yesterday, I wrote an open letter (which, I appreciate the fact that most people took as tongue-in-cheek, although I 100% wasn't exaggerating with how much I loved it) to a person who outbid me for a condo in Saco, Maine that I put an offer on last week. Like I mentioned in the letter, I felt like I put in a pretty competitive offer and felt like the place was mine, only to find out that I was outbid by someone with an all-cash offer.

While some of the Facebook comments in response to my open letter were pretty polarizing (and truthfully, whether you talked trash or leveled with the frustration of the market right now, I appreciate you reading), two responses I got truly meant the most.

The new owner of the condo in Saco reached out to me

Shortly after I posted the open letter, I noticed a couple of unread messages in my DMs on my Instagram -- it turns out one message was from the daughter of the new owner, and the other message was from the new owner herself. And the story they shared with me -- I've never been happier to have my offer beat. And with the blessing of both the new owner and her daughter, I'm going to share that story with you now, but fair warning, snag a tissue first.

Keller Williams Realty
Keller Williams Realty

This condo is the start of a new chapter for her

I'm going to leave names for the issue of privacy, in the message that the new owner's daughter sent me, she mentioned that securing the Saco condo was the start of a brand new chapter for her mother. Unfortunately, back in November, their immediate family -- the new condo owner, her daughter (who wrote to me), and her son -- suffered the loss of the patriarch of their family due to Stage 4 Lung Cancer. According to the daughter,

"They'd been married for 37 years, together since my mom was 17 years old. She's been alone in their too big house full of too many memories since then. This condo is the absolute perfect place for her to start this new phase of her life. It's close to both my brother and I, close to other friends and family, and within walking distance of her job."

As a person who doesn't really do emotions all that much, reading that part of her daughter's message left me with that lump-in-the-throat feeling, and someone somewhere must have disturbed some dust that got in my eyes, because I'd be lying if I said they didn't water a bit.


And then I read the new owner's message, referencing the day she was shown the condo.

" see I was having a bad day, my husband died and I have to leave my beautiful house that we built together because I can't take care of it. As for the cash offer, I only have that because I have life insurance. I just prayed that if it was meant to be, it will be."

And as if both their messages didn't turn me into a big pile of emotional goo, the way they both ended their messages to me made me so deeply, genuinely grateful that this woman had her offer accepted for the condo over mine. Her daughter kindly wished me luck. And the new owner?

"I wish you the best on finding a condo and will keep it in prayer for you. Yours will come I know it!"

This woman -- a complete stranger to me who I only know as a woman who was attempting to buy the same condo I was. A woman who essentially has to restart her life after living it the same way for almost four full decades before having it turned upside down -- this woman said she was going to pray for me to find my new home as well.


How do you not love that someone like that wins? How do you not recognize that as much as I thought that was going to be my new home, that condo we both wanted is 100% her home? And she deserves it to be.

I said these words to end my open letter before I knew who the new owner was, and I'll say them again with even more emphasis now that I know who the new owner is and the kind of family she has created:

First off, I'm so deeply sorry for your loss. I can't imagine going through that, and my heart truly goes out to you. That said, I'm so deeply happy and grateful that this home went to you, and I hope you make the best memories with your daughter, son, and other family members and friends at that breakfast bar. On that balcony. In that living room.

You deserved a major win in your life, and I couldn't be happier that you got it. And like I told your daughter -- when our paths eventually cross (and let's make sure they do) -- cocktails on me.

And to any and everyone else that made it this far -- it just goes to show, you truly don't know what's happening in a situation until you get the context and full story. It doesn't always happen that way, but I was lucky enough to receive it -- and I couldn't be more grateful.

Take another look at the beautiful Saco condo this beautifully-souled woman just bought

A look inside the condo I lost out to from an all-cash offer.

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